Solor is 145 years old in 2015!


Solor Lutheran Church was organized in the year 1870.  It is uncertain of the actual date, but the original incorporaters were a group of Norwegian settlers of the Haugean persuasion.

The Haugeans were a group of Lutherans who followed the ideas and teachings of a lay preacher in Norway named Hans Nielsen Hauge.  He was probably the greatest lay preacher Norway has ever had.  Due to his ardent preaching, a resurgence of the personalized Christianity emerged particularly among the peasant class.  Many Norwegian emigrants brought his ideas to America.

In America, this movement formed a separate church body called the “Hauge Synod.”  The Haugean movement in America stressed informality in worship, personal commitment, and a more prominent role for the lay members of the church.

The Hauge Synod to which the Solor congregation belonged, had membership in the 1870’s of approximately 7,500 in 59 congregations, and was served by 24 pastors.  According to church records, Solor had 148 members in 1884.  In 1917, the Hauge Synod of which Solor was a member congregation, merged with two other Lutheran Synods to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC).

Two years after this consolidation of Norwegian Lutherans, the ethnic ties began to loosen as the English language came in use at Solor.  For the first time in 1919, 3 people were confirmed in English and it was decided to have a service in English on the first Sunday of every month.  More reforms were made 5 years later (1924) when women were given the right to vote in Solor congregation.

On 9/9/1921, the church was struck with lightening and burned to the ground.  Many church records were also burned in the blaze.  During the summer of 1922, Solor decided to build a new church.

In 1923, the new church, costing $10,000 was dedicated.  A resolution of thanks was sent to the Webster Creamery Association for the privilege of using the Creamery Hall for services while the new church was being built.

To date, 28 pastors have served Solor Lutheran Church.